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Remco Batteries

What Makes the difference:

  • Great Quality, Right price
  • Registered Trademark
  • High Reliability
  • Huge availability, Ready on stock
  • Huge Range
  • Possibility of customize development under request



 Datasheet of some models:

RM 12-6


RM 2,2-12       RM 7-12        RM 12-12        RM 26-12 

 RM 40-12        RM 100-12 



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Remco is a young brand,

registered and recognized in Europe thanks to the high Value for Money, with a very good quality and a competitive price. Since 90s, Remco has been having a great success and often it has been considered an excellent substitute for other more famous brands.

RM Series

is produced according to the highest international standards concerning Quality and Safety; for this reason, these batteries give performances very close to (or better than) the products provided by the leaders in our market. The first result of this attention to the product can be found in a preliminary, banal but significant test: the comparison between the weights (so, quantity of Pb) of Remco batteries and other brands’ series: as you can see below, our models are heavier (so, better at first sight)  than other producers, but we usually are able to propose them at lower prices; contact us to have further details.

 The information related to our competitor’s models are taken from Official Datasheet.

The same test can be done with other producers.